Giving Your Best

I was sitting in church on Sunday and the Pastor had a great message to give. It was a simple message with a very big meaning that one could take farther than the example he placing in front of you. The sermon message was “Giving Your Best” and was about giving your best to God, and only giving him 100% in worship and in all that you do.

Pastor Bruce talked a lot about how America loves sports. We are a country that thrives on them!! With the Olympics right around the corner we are gearing up for some of the best athletes to take the stage and make their mark in the world.

Sports mean a lot to many people. It’s an emotional journey because it’s a physical and mental journey. If you’re an athlete, you know what I mean. When you play, you play to give it all. If you’ve ever played organized sports in high school, college, or in a league, or you were just a competitive athlete of any nature, you will understand on a deeper level what I’m saying. Sports is about going past your limits and giving 100%. It’s about digging into who you are and finding more in you when you thought you didn’t have much left. It’s about finding the will to keep going in over time when you are sure you have nothing left. The one element that makes sports so amazing is the fact that athletes capable of any activity will give 100% on the field and lay it all out for everyone to see. They will give to their team, until they can’t give anymore.

The message Pastor Bruce was giving was that we should do the same in worship to God. That we should not live our lives and give Him our second best. He gave His son for us, so He is worth more than for us to give seconds. We might not have much to give, but living a happy and full life is enough. A lot of times I think we get stuck in a habit of mediocre living – we are okay with “doing okay.” For Him, this is not enough; we have to be willing to give 100% in our daily lives for ourselves and for the people in our lives. As I thought about my eating disorder I realized that I have been living in a mediocre state of recovery. I have been “doing okay” and “eating,” but by no means following my meal plan like I should be. I’ve been busy and caught in the wrong places and unable to make things up, and frankly sometimes skipping and using excuses. I realized that I’m staying in this mediocre state by choice and I’m not giving 100% to myself, and in turn, God because I’m not allowing myself to be happy.

Each time I’m faced with a meal I have to decide what I want to do. I have to choose if I want to eat or skip. Lately, I haven’t been following my meal plan 100% because of my schedule being so off – that’s an excuse I’ve been using and I’ve been okay with. Pastor Bruce made a comment in his sermon that each time we are faced with a decision we should think about whether or not the decision is the best decision to make. Will that decision be the best for us? Let’s remove religion out of it — will that decision that I’m making help me? Will it make me happy? Will it make me healthy? Will it help me move forward in life? Is this a good decision for me? When it comes to the eating disorder, the answer is always “NO.”

We refuse to settle for less than excellence in service and in what we buy, so why are we so quick to settle for less within ourselves? Why are we okay with giving ourselves less than the best when we know so much more is deserved? We are okay watching athletes satisfy the hunger within them. We all deserve the opportunity to satisfy the hunger for excellence within ourselves. Whatever it is that we need to do to make that happen is allowed.

I have found that this eating disorder has taken many things away from me. It’s taken my pride, confidence, spontaneity and health to name a few…. but it’s also given me the opportunity to learn so much more about who I am and a reason to work hard to become the whole person that I want to be.

I’m going to work to be sure to settle for nothing less than the best. I know it will be hard to get there, but if I can start a trend to give myself the best for myself, maybe it can inspire another to do so. It only takes one to start a movement. We deserve to be happy, and we deserve best. Today I am going to be amazing – along with every day thereafter.


There are ups and downs….. and it could change from day to day…. but no matter what, give whatever your 100% looks like.


One thought on “Giving Your Best

  1. I’m part of the casting/booking team for a major news network in NYC and we are searching for teens who are on a quest to be thin. The program, in general, will focus on beauty and body image and will feature a major celebrity! I reached out to you because of something you posted under the tag ‘eating disorders’ and I was wondering if you were interested in talking to me about your experience. If so, message me back in my ask box on tumblr or just email me at for more info. Thanks!

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