That’s the real world…

The real world is not easy. That’s just fact. In the real world, we are blessed with the opportunity to deal work with people.

In the real world, they get annoying diverse. People can be the saving grace for us, but also what feels like the downfall. The truth is, some of them are just stupid when it comes to common sense and eating disorders.

They say the wrong thing. They really have no clue what it’s like to live in our world. Their constant concern of dieting is all about them (not you), so are they trying to trigger you? No. They are just idiots and forget that other people exist. Their constant concern over how many calories are in everything (while you’re trying to not look at them) is just them. They are a sad slave to calorie counting while you’re breaking the chains. And, they’re just idiots and can’t remember that you’re trying to beat an eating disorder.

All of those people at work talking about diets and how terrible they are eating…. They are slaves to the dieting industry. Really, they are finding a commonality so they can all discuss the same misery. It’s a connection, and it’s sad. So, when you’re sitting there eating with them and they start discussing it, all you can do is laugh in your head because they are still idiots and slaves to the process.

You know those comments that are made to you – “oh you look so fat healthy” – they just don’t get it. They are totally unaware of the stupidity in their comments and it’s not their fault for not knowing. Truthfully, they are humans, and humans make mistakes.

Will they learn quickly? Probably not.

Will they ever learn? Hopefully.

Should you punch them in the face each time they say idiotic stuff? Not recommended.

The real world isn’t the structure that we like. It’s not just nice people, puppy dogs and rainbows. In fact, it is a mix of many, many things. If you can’t accept the diversity and learn to deal with it, you’re in for one hell of a ride.




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