Struggling To Stay On The Road To Recovery

The following is a poem written by a client of the author of The Begin Within Blog


Struggling To Stay On The Road To Recovery

It’s a process I’m told,

So keep holding on,

Sometimes I feel like I can’t,

The journey is too long

The end so far away

Keep going, I’m encouraged

By others who are further along

Sometimes they inspire me

Sometimes I’m jealous

Sometimes I feel like a failure because I can’t be like them.

Keep going they say

One day you’ll be on the other side

But there is a chasm so wide

And sometimes it seems impossible

For me to get to the other side.

Keep going, you can do this,

But the struggle is so intense

The road so bumpy

And just when I regain my footing

The road forks off and I must choose

And sometimes I can’t figure out which direction to take

Keep going, keep going

The road is so dangerously close to the cliff

Sometimes I look down and the rocks below loom up too close

I lose my footing

And I try to grab onto something, anything to arrest my fall

I get scratched on the way

And everything hurts

There’s a hand from above that reaches to help me climb back up

But the climb is exhausting

And the hand can only do so much

The work is mine

You can do this, yes you can

I shake my head

It is easier to drop to the rocks below

And rest my weary bones

I ache all over

I cry

I’m here for you, I’m told

The hand reaches to comfort me

But I push it away

I don’t want to begin the climb up again

I want to sleep

Come, I’ll help you climb

A rope is lowered

I take a deep breathe

And begin the climb again



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