Why I don’t like kids… At least the ones I don’t know.

*not all kids are this way and some parents aren’t bad either. Don’t reply and convince me how “my own would be different” and how kids are so great. I choose not to have children and my choice is awesome. Maybe it will change and maybe it won’t…. Either way this is just my opinion:

Why I don’t like kids…. At least the ones I don’t know.

On our way to paradise! Noting can bother you, right? Wrong.

As we get comfortable in our seat on the plane, we notice a baby directly across from us. Now, normally it wouldn’t bother me but I remembered that often kids’ ears don’t pop with the elevation change. So they scream in pain. That only happened for a little.

What was annoying? The flight with kids everywhere …. whining. This flight had kids beside us, in front of us, behind us…. Everywhere. “Leave me alone”, “stop hitting me”, “I don’t want to”, “I’m bored”, “when will we be there”.

The kids weren’t the worst part. Let’s not forget the parents. Messages to annoying parents: You’re the worst.It was the loud-talking mother not caring about the other passengers around her. Allowing her wobbly-walking child to roam the aisle, and giving a sigh when passengers need to pass by for the bathroom. Really? I forgot, we cater to babies and not everyone in tight places like a plane. My bad.

Parents: People around you don’t want to hear you tell every story about how cute it is that your child held a broom. Really, not cute. Whats cute is you having these conversations with the several rows around you while you’re waiting at baggage claim. Respect the passengers around you and at least talk quietly (this really has nothing to do with the kids…. It’s really about loud-talkers — they will kill you). Parents are included why kids are annoying… In fact, if parents would parent kids would be cuter.

Parents wanting the kids (babies) to meet. It’s so cute, right? Not really. They’re in the way in tight spaces. These parents think the kids meet as if the babies will talk … but they stare at each other…. Because they are babies! So the line forming behind you is being patient, so these two kids can awkwardly stare while you both make voices you assume are in their head. The kids really aren’t thinking that, so you just look stupid and ignorant for holding us up when we have to pee.

Babies are cute when they shut the hell up. Not everyone thinks your noisy ass baby is cute. I love to snuggle with babies but encouraging them to play loudly when we boarded the plane at 7:30 AM is just rude. We don’t have babies because we don’t want to start our day with noisy rattles etc.

Keep your kid in check. Letting them kick the back of chair of the person in front of them because they’re mad is not parenting. I should not be involved directly in your parenting tactics while I’m napping or reading. Thanks for ignoring your baby as it screams because it wants something. I get not giving them what they want, but doing that on a plane is not the same as in a supermarket. There are people around you who can’t leave the plane! Also, letting your teenage kid talk back and disrespect you is awful. You’re not giving the kid a look at the real world. To do that – slap him… Or punch him in the face and quietly call it “the real world”.

So- how was this situation fixed? Sleeping and reading with headphones in. I came prepared with quality ear plugs too!

Lesson: you can choose to let things bother you or let them roll off your back. You can’t change or control people…. You can only control yourself. I choose to have a good day, so I laugh at your struggle with kids and be thankful that I have none. I get to read on the beach, swim, snorkel, drink, tan (really… burn) and run from big ass lizards with no worries!!! Sucks to be you on vacation. 🙂

Hello, Aruba!

Creepy dragon in Aruba!






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