1. Having or showing dogged determination not to change one’s attitude or position on something, esp. in spite of good arguments or reasons…
  2. Difficult to move, remove, or cure.

What does it mean to be stubborn? I’ve been told it’s one of my qualities.

Stubborn is a hard adjective to describe a person. Can it ever be a good thing? If you look at the definition, “dogged determination NOT to change… in spite of good arguments or reasons”, you’ll see that maybe it’s not such a good quality.

Here’s what I’ve learned in being so stubborn. The one most negative attribute to being this way is I sometime refuse help. I refuse help to prove a point, or because I don’t want to think I can’t do something myself.

Where does that get me? Nowhere.

Being stubborn only builds walls between me and other people. The more stubborn I act, the stronger that wall becomes. Then, I get used to it. Then, I am less frequent in how often I open up. In fact, I find that I put walls up more and more often, not knowing why I’m being so stubborn – I’m just doing it because it’s what I do; what I’ve been told I do.

I noticed something about being stubborn – when I’m stubborn, nobody wins. I surly don’t win – and others don’t win as well. I’ve noticed that being stubborn and trying to prove something to yourself or somebody else really serves no purpose. It simply breeds discontentment in your soul and allows whatever the object is to keep the negative energy.

I talk like I know how to stop being stubborn, but I don’t. It’s something to think about, and work on.


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