We All Have Rights

Empowered Living

No one has the right to infringe on your rights as a human being or as a woman, or even as a man. Above all, before you are a woman or a man, you are a human being with basic human rights. Those basic human rights are that you deserve to be treated fairly, respectfully, and with care.

In a relationship, you have the right to say “NO” to anything that you feel isn’t comfortable for you, isn’t moral (in terms of YOUR moral code, not theirs), that you don’t enjoy, that you don’t want, and that you don’t want to do, or have done to you. This applies in general terms, but also to any specific terms as well.

You have a right to put a stop to what has started that you didn’t give your consent to – consent can be for anything. The other person has a responsibility to stop doing — and not do again — what violates your rights as a human being, whether you’re a woman or a man.

You have the right not to have to justify why you’re saying “no” to whatever it is they want. You have the right not to be criticized or belittled about it or “sweet-talked,” convinced or pushed into it.

You have the right not to be intimidated, overpowered or overruled, essentially forcing you to submit to someone else’s will, wishes or desires.

You have the right not to have to debate it because someone wants you to do it and you don’t. However, you must realize that some people don’t like receiving “no” as an answer, and they will not stop when you’ve clearly said “no”; some people will try to punish you in some way for your “no.” Or they will try to guilt you or make you feel wrong/bad/weird/abnormal/selfish because you refused to say yes, want it, like it or just go along with it because it was easier just not to object.

No one’s wants, needs, desires are of greater importance than yours.

And think about it:

Why would someone who cared for you be pleased by doing something you were at all uncomfortable with, much less that you flatly disliked or felt wrong about?

Why would someone who cared for you want to get their way at your expense and at your distress?

That is manipulation, and manipulation is abusive. Whether the manipulation is either emotional, psychological, or physical it’s not a normal facet of a respectful, loving, healthy, functional relationship.

It’s not normal to force someone to do something that doesn’t feel right to them or right for them…..for whatever reason it doesn’t feel right.

Then why do you allow the eating disorder to be/do all of that?

Why do you accept that behavior in a relationship with ED?

Don’t allow your rights to be infringed upon, because no one has the right to wrong you as a human being, even in the name of love or friendship. Put a stop to personal boundary infringement and say “no” in the name of love and friendship for yourself.


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