What you already have.

If you don’t see what you already have, how do you know you want more?

We are all so geared to the next moment, the next “something better,” the next shoes, the next bite of food, the thing we don’t have yet, and we miss what could actually fill us. Nourish us. Satisfy us.

We are all so poised for the next one, the perfect one, that we keep missing the one we already have. The only one that could truly make a difference. And, really, if pay careful attention, you will notice that “the next one” never comes… because when it does, it’s always “this one,”  right now. If you keep waiting for “the next one,” you spend your life waiting for something that will honestly never come.

So, today, now–look around. Take in what you already have. Allow yourself to have what you have. Walk slowly. Eat slowly. Let yourself be filled. See what you have and be grateful for it. This can even be in just a moment – see that you have a sound mind, peace or joy. See what you have, right now, and try to remember that. Instead of waiting for “something better” to come along, look at what is already better now.



Think about it…. what do you have?


2 thoughts on “What you already have.

  1. I am just blogging about this! Well, more specifically, my house. It may be small, old and imperfect, but it’s mine. I am not thinking about what home I will have in the future, but what “home” means to me right now. Awesome post!

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