Why I Left Social Media.


I’ve been lucky to have to learn so much about a lot of personal things while dealing with this eating disorder (though you’ll never hear me say that again). To my benefit, I have had to look every little thing in my life in order to recover. I have had to examine what makes me happy/sad, what is positive/negative, what works/doesn’t work etc.  As I was cutting things from my life, I found that social media didn’t make the cut (Facebook is what we are talking about).

The entire idea of social media is changing. Before, it was a way to stay connected to people far away and to share information and to network – but what does that really mean? I have no clue! But I will tell you what it does NOT mean…. (with plenty of original and pictures stolen from the internet)


1. It is not a diary. Social media is not a place for you to air all of your dirty laundry. It’s not a place for you to tell your deepest darkest secret and feelings about everything, and how you are feeling about your terrible and awful life. Save it for the journal.


2. It is not a log of your mundane life. Social media is not a timeline of your life. If I were to die right now and be frozen for 25 years, I could come back and see exactly what almost everyone has done while I was gone… right down to what they ate for dinner each night (with pictures).



3. It is not a platform for your thoughts and opinions. Yes, we live in a country where we have freedom of speech – we are all entitled to our thoughts, but we are not entitled to push them on others. If you really want to debate the biggest political idea then grab a bottle of wine and sit down with your friend and do that. The rest of the world does not want to hear your close-minded rant – if you post it on your page, and I want to read it, then I will…. Spewing your thoughts on another person’s page is annoying. Just because they share an article doesn’t mean it’s game for you to comment. In addition, save us that finger swipe/scroll and refrain from posting the terribly obvious – pictures of your weather app on Polar Vortex Day saying “it’s cold outside”…. Thank you, Captain Obvious! (Really, facebook should make a “shut up” button)



4. It is not a personal photo album. All of your “selfies” with your duck faces clogging up my news feed is just annoying. Nobody needs to see you at an angle where your chest looks bigger or you’re doing some ridiculous pose to try to flaunt something that you should or should not be flaunting. Let’s be honest…. The world does not think you are the center.  And people are so accustomed to snapping pictures and posting anywhere – we end up with pictures like this…. hopefully next time she’ll check the mirror :/



5. It’s not therapy. If you want to talk about it, call someone and talk about it. My favorite is the one-liners that leave room for people to ask. You’re fishing for someone to talk to you. Posts like, “That’s it, I’m DONE” …. It’s called “vague-booking”. Your vague post leaving people to wonder is so you can have a reason to vomit your problems onto the world. Truthfully – if you’re at this point, you might as well go up to #1 and make it a diary entry because you know you want people to ask so you can tell. Stop fishing and shut up, already!



6. It is not your BFF. Social media is not your best friend. Over-sharing is possible and it happens all the time. Your divorce – pictures of your baby’s poop – your latest trip to the doctor (with pictures detailing the experience) – your amazing out-pouring of love for everyone in your life… your terrible rant about how awful your life is, how nobody cares for you, and how you just want it to be over…. save the Oscar speech for your friends (in person)… we (your acquaintances) don’t care…. get a life, Debbie-downer.



7. It’s not your GPS. Stop tagging yourself everywhere. If you have an excessive need to tell people where you are at all times, then try this for a change…. Send a group text to all of your friends informing them…. then see how fast that gets old. Just because you can click it does not mean you should. It’s kind of you to want to share, but I don’t need to know that you were in the restroom, nursery, in line at the grocery store, at Walmart and finally in bed. And quit tagging other people too…. It’s incredibly annoying!



8. It’s not your stream of consciousness. Hash tags # are just annoying. They are annoying because it’s something you want to say, but you can’t find a way to fit it in, so if you add the hash tag, you think it’s socially appropriate.

#wehaveatoddlerrunningaround  #shesgrowingup

Why couldn’t you just say the sentence “we have a toddler running around” and “she’s growing up”? Why do I have to work hard to try to figure out what you are saying? Your everyday thoughts are not that important.



#please   #stop   …….   #seriously     #stop     #it


9. It is not an excuse for you to ignore the rules of the tongue. Grammar matters. Just because it’s the digital age, doesn’t mean we can ignore that there is a proper English language…. with correct spelling. “So sad about paul walker but Im so gladd its friday yippe cant wait to have fun to”…. and your entire post does not have to be in text message talk! Save that for the phone. Nobody likes a spelling Nazi, but you sound like a complete moron – and my intelligence goes down reading those posts.




10. It is not your primary means of communication. What happened to the world of personal communication? We are a new society who posts too much, shares too much and can’t seem to sit face-to-face and talk. Our society is lacking in the area of personal connections because the primary means of communication is not face-to-face interactions; it’s text messages and social media (this is my theory, anyway). Seriously, people are breaking up and getting fired via text. Put down the phones and try actually talking to a person and not their digital self.




6 thoughts on “Why I Left Social Media.

  1. I love this. I have made a resolution to stray from social media as well! I’ve learned some amazing things these past few weeks just from being away from social media. I respect you for this amazing, honest post.

    • Thanks a lot. I think social media was intended as something positive, but it is really turning into something that is negative and annoying.

  2. I did a post on Facebook 2 months ago from a similar angle. Interestingly, according to Facebook, their guiding principle is to “make the world more open and transparent, which we believe will create greater understanding and connection.” I couldn’t disagree more on Facebook’s perceived outcome.

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