35 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Actually Your Child

So many of us love dogs. They are like our children. I was surfing the internet and found reasons why you are obsessed with your dog. As I was reading, I compiled all the good reasons why your dog is actually your child!! 🙂


35 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Actually Your Child

1. You wouldn’t even consider a partner who doesn’t share your love of canines. The thought of merely going on a date with someone who doesn’t like dogs is unthinkable.







2. Some people have baby pictures on their phones… you have dog pictures….. and you’re just as excited to show the pictures.












3. You regularly google picture of your breed of choice, and brainstorm ideas of quirky names for your pet that may not yet exist.








4.  Homeward Bound brings you to tears every time you watch it.







5. You can’t watch the Sarah Mclachan “Save the Animals” commercials for fear you will burst into tears immediately.







6. Watching a movie in which a dog dies is too much for you to handle (i.e. I Am Legend, Marley and Me) and you curse whoever recommended them to you in the first place. Any other character can die, but the movie is immediately awful if it’s a dog.

7. You’re pretty sure your dog is actually a person.







8. You stare at your dog sleeping because it’s so cute.









9. You text pictures of your dog to your friends and family.











10. You feel guilty eating in front of your dog without sharing a bite of your food.






11. You feel guilty leaving your dog home alone…. So you leave on Animal Planet








12.  You let them walk all over you.








13. Everything your dog does is cute… like running in the snow.










14.  Your dog can pass gas in your home and you wouldn’t care, but the moment a person does it’s the most disgusting thing you’ve ever dealt with.

















15.  You are overly excited to give them treats because it will make their day.  







16.  You’ve sewed together more ripped up toys than you care to admit – and you treat it like it’s a major surgery.












17.  You celebrate your dog’s birthday.










18. You worry about them like parents worry about a child.













19. You talk about them as if they were your kids. In fact, when people ask you, “do you have any children?” you answer with, “No, but I have 3 dogs!”











20. You find a crying baby and a crying dog to be equally heartbreaking.








21.  In bed, you don’t mind that the dog takes up more room than you do.









22. You have an obscene amount of dog toys, most of which are scattered in random places throughout your house. And, each dog toy has a name (i.e. Mr. Squeaky Bear).









23. You don’t even consider NOT letting your dog sleep with you… and you find dog toys in bed.







24. You’ve missed more than one happy hour or event because your dogs would be home alone, and you’ve been away too long. Plus, cuddling with them can be more fun.












25.  You won’t even consider a low-grade kennel when you have to go away. You will splurge on appropriate babysitting.









26. Your pooch’s wardrobe rivals your own. You get pleasure out of dressing them up and showing them off.

 dog22   dog21dog6










27. You get annoyed when too many pictures of your friends’ dinners and kids clog your news feed on facebook, but you love the ones who post pictures of their dogs.









28. You talk to your dog on the phone when you’re away and wonder how they are spending their day.







29.  You have more than one nickname for them, and they respond to each one.










30. You talk to them as if they could comprehend more than just a few simple key words and commands… and you respond to them as if they have answered you. 










31. You’ve considered getting their paw print tattooed somewhere on your body.








32.  When you pass a person on the street, you spend more time talking to their dog than you do the actual person…. In fact, you are more interested in the dog than the person.







33.  Your dogs can do anything, and you won’t stay mad for very long.












34.Your life would never be the same without your dog.











35.  You’ve come to the conclusion that anyone who hates dogs just can’t possibly have a soul.



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