Target’s Epic Fail

Bathing suit ads have been popping up since mid-February. When I started seeing them, I thought, “Seriously? It’s 8 degrees outside and I should start shopping for a bathing suit?” I don’t think the stores can even keep the heat high enough for me to struggle through baring it all in a changing room to see which one I like the best. In fact, I find myself having to jump into bed to get warm under the covers when I change out of my work clothes each day!

If you’re looking for a funny article on February swim suit arrivals and Girl Scout cookies… try reading this article. I promise you’ll laugh your little bum off! 🙂

End rant. Moving on.


Target has recently clinched the award for the worst photoshop hack-job in history. As people have been cruising Target’s website and looking at pictures of the models and shopping for the upcoming swim season, people may have found themselves asking the question: “Where is her vagina?”



This question had to come to mind when they stumbled across this horribly (and that’s an understatement) photoshopped picture of a model wearing a JUNIOR’S bikini. It’s clear… obviously Target was going for that whole thigh gap look that people disturbingly crave, but they clearly failed to make sure that her uterus and cervix remained intact. Let’s also keep in mind that this ad is directly targeted at teenage girls!!!!


Target effed up on this one.

So, this poor girl has parts of her body that have been hacked away. Let’s just be honest…. We need our vaginas to do many things such as reproduce and more importantly…. urinate!! A missing vagina is a serious problem! Is it possible that Target’s new trend of missing vaginas could spark an epidemic of young girls trying to ward away their current vaginas?


Oh, but wait. That’s not the only part of the photo that’s embarrassingly hacked up photo. Target made an attempt to slim down this young girl’s already skinny waist and arm:


My question is …. what part of this girl’s body was not good enough? Was it really necessary to have to cut away a section of her rib cage? And now that arm is just creepier every time I look at it.


If you are anything like me, your next thought was probably, “Girl, there are spikes coming out of your skin!!!” I’m not a doctor, but this looks like it could be something serious. Get that checked out. What’s the prognosis for jagged edges popping out of your body? Oh wait… and you’re kind of missing half of your breast!



Not only has this poor girl been hacked up in various places, but her hand and fingers has obviously been the victim of this hacked up and vicious attack while trying to erase a section of her thigh.


How could this happen? We know the why…. but how could something like this happen. My fear here is that Target may have illegally stolen a 6th graders first attempt at photoshopping pictures. If that’s the case, we have some additional ethical issues here!


Oh… poor Target… we could say this was an honest (and terrible) mistake…. but the same thing happened to similar models on the site.

target 3target10

Oh no… could it be that this poor girl suffers from the same condition? A missing vagina and spikes?


Now, the problem here is that girls and women have a tendency to believe the “beauty ideal” when we see these images. We see this “thin ideal” and think we should be the same. It’s important to note that square spaces between your legs, missing vaginas and spikes coming out of your body are not beautiful. It’s also important to note that this body is obviously altered, as are many other bodies as well!


I could go on and on all day about this… but I think it speaks for itself. This is just sad.


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