The Top 6 Reasons I Feel Bad For People Who Aren’t Gluten Free

I didn’t realize how hard it could be when you’re gluten intolerant. As time went on, and I changed my diet, I noticed that it’s not terribly hard, you just have to be prepared. Not only is it becoming easier, but I think I have worked harder for my health once I realized I can’t tolerate gluten.

I came up with the top 6 reasons I feel bad for people who aren’t gluten free:

1. You don’t appreciate food the way I do! Our life has changed once we part ways with conventional flour. To find or make a gluten free cupcake, cookie or tiramisu seems like the most amazing moment in eating history! It’s heavenly when you find something you used to love that is GF! I appreciate the little things that many people don’t!

2. My diet is much more interesting than yours! Being gluten free means you have to find cost-effective ways to get in our carbs and starches that are not in the “normal” form. Sure, we could just go to the GF section and purchase a $5 loaf of bread, but who has the wallet for that? From bean dishes to sweet potato fries… we have to expand our eating options and our taste buds are thanking us!

3. I listen to my body in ways you’ve never thought about! I have had to question every little feeling that comes to my body, and I’ve become more aware of what it wants and needs. I have had to examine all the ways it feels to determine what good/bad/normal/fine. Many people walk through life in a fog unaware of what their body might need. I’m lucky enough to have to converse with it every day.

4. I am much more focused on health and being kind to my body and digestion! Being forced to focus on what goes into my body has made me look at the true value of food and what I should be eating. I am well aware of what it feels like to not eat healthy and what it’s like to feel satisfied and nourished. We know our body can’t handle “processed foods” very well and I’m lucky enough to be forced away from any option.

5. I eat in more healthy ways than you do! I’ve been forced to go back to the basics – whole foods and not much more! Most of what is in the aisles at grocery stores (processed/prepared foods) is off my list of what I can purchase. I’ve been forced to look into organic and cleaner eating which has improved my health in many ways.

6. I actually save money! The bulk of Americans eat out and on the fly often. I’m unable to do that! I have to plan ahead and bring snacks, therefore causing me to make better (and cheaper) choices as opposed to running through a drive-thru or convenient store. I have to pack my lunches and snacks to take with me to ensure I won’t give myself a stomach ache.


2 thoughts on “The Top 6 Reasons I Feel Bad For People Who Aren’t Gluten Free

    • Actually not at all. Obviously you took offense, but if you read closely you can see that it’s a movement of accepting a new lifestyle that I have to live with. It’s actually about finding joy in something so hard to live with – those who aren’t gluten free may not understand the difficulty in dealing with it – especially while navigating through recovery.

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